The business values by which we actively pursue our mission on a daily basis, and that we hold each other accountable for, are in prioritized order of intended result:


Intended Result: An honest, just and caring company where we integrate stated business values and actions, resulting in an organization that all our stakeholders trust and with which they want to be associated.

Key Actions:
  • Seeking, understanding, and applying the truth in the areas of strategy, operations, distribution, sales, marketing, business and financial analysis, and personal character.
  • Genuinely and empathetically listening to understand, learn and help.
  • Honestly and clearly communicating the whole truth in a caring, timely and unselfish way that is constructive and helpful to others.
  • Consistently treating each other fairly and influencing others to do the same, always recognizing that people have worth/value.
  • Consistently and diligently following through on our responsibilities and commitments to achieve our intended results.
  • Demonstrating personal character (as evidenced by alignment with our business values) in our daily business actions that inspires others and strengthens the foundation of our company.


Intended Result: Peak performance levels and outstanding results for all stakeholders which
contribute to a long-term competitive advantage.

Key Actions:
  • Holding each other accountable for setting and attaining appropriate performance expectations, goals and standards which achieves exceptional results.
  • Exceeding customer expectations by providing extraordinary and responsive products and service in all that we do.
  • Learning, embracing, and faithfully applying key principles through a disciplined methodology consistent with our business values.
  • Embracing and capitalizing on strategic ideas, opportunities, challenges, research, analysis, change, and innovations that are consistent with our mission and values.
  • Performing in disciplined, results-driven ways that generate high productivity and morale
  • Demonstrating an ongoing, lifelong commitment to learning, sharing, teaching and applying meaningful knowledge and skills applicable to creating and distributing our products, thereby enabling us to reach our highest potential.


Intended Result: Achievement of expectations and goals, that result in both positive, collaborative, professional environment and overall success exceeding what could be accomplished individually, through shared commitment and effective cooperative efforts that are visibly promoted and acted upon by all.

Key Actions:
  • Working with everyone, regardless of their role, in a mutually respectful, encouraging and effective manner that demonstrates a genuine commitment to the well-being of all stakeholders.
  • Leveraging each other's talents and abilities, appropriately empowering others, and sharing resources, including sacrificing if necessary, when doing so produces superior measurable results for all of our stakeholders.
  • Communicating in a caring way directly to those with whom we have problems or conflicts, with all parties seeking reconciliation, learning, and developing a more productive teamwork relationship.
  • Being genuinely proactive and open to input from others when appropriate (in alignment with our business values and good business sense) to make the best possible decisions.
  • Keeping all stakeholders informed by communicating with each other in timely, efficient, and effective ways.


Intended Result: Fair and profitable long-term economic returns for all our stakeholders
consistent with our values of integrity, excellence, and teamwork.

Key Actions:
  • Committing to a just economic relationship that enables all stakeholders to benefit fairly.
  • Exercising careful stewardship of our company’s, our employees’, and our suppliers’, customers’, resources, assets and information, treating them as our own and highly valuable.
  • Demonstrating responsibility by making and influencing others to make sound risk/reward decisions on an ongoing basis.
  • Meaningfully recognizing and economically rewarding our stakeholders in just and fair ways in return for the faithful and effective execution of their roles in order to strengthen our company’s stability, profitability and growth.
  • Committing to ourselves and each other to support an appropriate balance between business commitments, personal needs/values, family and social responsibilities.