About Us

Papa Charlie

Charles "Papa Charlie" Hall started his original meat company in the early 1980’s, bringing an unwavering dedication to perfection and attention to every aspect of the company.  However, before he could turn the corner of success, he died at the early age of 48, leaving a wife, Dolores, and four children behind along with the question of whether the company could survive. Fortunately, he left behind a legacy of determination and Italian family values that would help Momma and her family persevere and ultimately succeed.  

By the late 80’s Momma Dolores and her sons recognized the meat industry was shifting to more valued added and proprietary products.  As such, a key turning point came when Momma and the family decided to test the waters with the family’s original Italian beef recipe.  The family’s recipe for slow roasting beef rounds, using unique flavoring rubs and a secret gravy recipe were a very special combination.  It was a delicious meal that Momma served regularly to her family and at family gatherings where all the cousins asked ahead for it.  


So, Momma and the boys started offering their Italian beef to prospective customers; at first cooking it literally one roast at a time.  The sons and business associates called on virtually every grocer and Italian restaurant in Chicago, with hopes to get a few bites. With hard work, dedication, and new clientele; Papa Charlie’s Italian Beef Company was officially born.   Every customer was treated like family and the Papa Charlie’s product became known as the gold standard in the industry.  As the saying goes, “The rest is history!" 

Today, the only thing better than Papa Charlie’s itself is enjoying it at home with your family. Papa Charlie’s starts with lean USDA Choice cuts of select beef and a special blend of its freshest seasonings.  Just as it has been done over generations, it's slow cooked, one batch at a time to lock in all the juices and flavors that creates that mouth watering, irresistible taste.  When you heat up Papa Charlie’s Italian beef and seasoned broth in your own kitchen, it is as fresh and delicious as it was in ours. 


Joe is the youngest son and eventually took over from Momma to become the CEO. He inherited his dad’s fierce determination and will to succeed. His attitude is to never, ever compromise on quality in any area of business or life. He expects others to act the same way. As a result, Papa Charlie’s Italian Beef remains the gold standard for any Italian Beef maker in the U.S. Taste it once, and you’ll instantly tell the difference. Just like his father, Joe believes in family. And to him, every customer is like family. “And you always take care of family.” 


Chris is the oldest son and Vice President. He runs the kitchen plant and ensures the Italian Beef is made the same way it’s been made for generations: one roast at a time. It’s Chris’ job to protect the family by producing the perfect beef for every package. After all, it could end up in Momma’s freezer to be eaten at a family gathering.